BB Bangladesh Activities

BB Dhaka Debate

Beyond Borders Bangladesh Activities as stipulated in the Democracy Watch Web Site.

DESCRIPTION: Beyond Borders is a Connecting Futures (CF) project of the British Council providing a platform for young people from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the UK Democracywatch takes great pride in implementing this project that has Noble objectives for the future Citizens of the World. The project started in September 2004 and will run up to the end of March 2006.

he YLP program was designed in such a way that the target group was able to learn about contemporary issues and themes such as Diversity and Tolerance, Gender Equity, the Environment we live in, HIV/AIDS, Consequence of Drug abuse, Culture & Heritage, Governance and Democracy and can raise their voices regarding these issues for a positive change.
PHASE 1 (September 2004 – March 2005)
More than 100 young participants from Dhaka and 30 from Mymensingh went through a life skill training program (YLP) called youth leadership program conducted by experts and resource persons. YLP included a youth Festival, sports, drama and rally.


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