Beyond Borders Bangladesh – April 05 to Jan 01

Beyond Borders Bangladesh Calendar
April 05-Jan 06

April – Beyond Borders Bangladesh core group started its journey with twenty-five aspirant youth to discover a new horizon. We, the core group had our first visit at Mymensingh, which is around 120 kilometers from Dhaka city to have an informal orientation with the BB group working in Mymensingh.

For us the month of May is of special significance as the core group first started working on our 1st project with street children. With around 45 under privileged children hailing from different slums and roadsides, the BB team started its endeavor to offer this downtrodden section a better tomorrow by providing them non formal education, etiquette, Health care and entertainment. Later the program became a regular weekend activity of BB.

At the end of June BB team started working on their 2nd project on the Geneva Camp – where around 15,000 people from the Urdu speaking community are struggling for existence as Bangladeshi citizens. BB team arranged different workshops and interactive sessions with the AYGUSC (Association of Young Generation of Urdu Speaking Community) and youth of Geneva camp, who being minority failed to secure their legal rights even after 35 years of independence of Bangladesh. Besides the core group members along with the street children arranged a rally to observe the world Environment Day.

BB team started its nationwide awareness campaign with Sylhet (a major area about 260 kms from Dhaka, situated in North Eastern part Bangladesh) to spread the message of active citizenship, diversity and tolerance among the young generation. The program was well supported by 100 participants from 15 different schools, colleges and universities. As part of the nationwide campaign BB team visits different schools and colleges around the country where the message of active citizenship is being spread through FGDs on local and global issues, workshops and team building exercises. This program is been supported by BDF (Bangladesh Debate Federation) who conducts workshops on Debating. BB team also visited the National Parliament during the budget session to have an overview on the present political and financial scenario.

BB core team had an informal session with Arlene Gilprin who came to visit Bangladesh for an external evolution for BC. A cultural presentation was made by the street children, which marveled the audience.

One of our core group member represented Bangladesh as well as BB in United Nations on the occasion of 58th DPI- NGO Annual Conference at the UN Headquarters in NY. BB team also celebrated the national girl child day along with the street children participants. BB team played a friendly cricket match against AYGUSC team, which was well acknowledged by the Urdu Speaking Community as a symbol of friendship and appreciations.

Prize giving ceremony of the Annual sports and cultural competition was organized for the street children chaired by Dr. June Rollinson, Director British Council. The children performed different songs, short play, and poetry recitation. The director gave away various prizes among the winners, which was followed by a party arranged by the core group.

Participants attended UK Residential and Delhi festival, which were held respectively in London and New Delhi. BB team also observed the international day for elimination of violence against women through rally and workshops.

Another exciting study tour was arranged on the eve of the Victory Day where the street children paid a visit to Smriti Showdha (Monument paying tribute to the Martyrs of Liberation War) to pay homage to the martyrs of 1971s liberation war. They were also taken to Heritage Park, an amusement park for children, which undoubtedly brought a ray of smile on the face of this under privilege section.
On human rights day the BB team arranged a daylong workshop with the youth of Geneva camp where eminent personalities actively took part.

January 06
4 members of BB team along with 11 participants from Stamford University Debate Forum are going to Kurigram (A district 350 kms North West of Dhaka) to organize a 2 daylong awareness and relief campaign for the Monga effected people (Local term for starve due to winter and drought). Estimated around 4000 clothes and blankets will be distributed which have been collected through BB and other young participants.

BB team has planned to work on a community project with RELIF INTERNATIONAL* (RI) an US based organization on the first week of January . The project mainly focuses on renovating a club house and landscape development of the surroundings with American participants along with the BB team. They will also organize interactive sessions at the Center for the Rehabilitation for the Paralyzed (CRP) with the US team.

* Relief International is a humanitarian, non-profit and non-sectarian agency providing emergency relief, rehabilitation, and development assistance to victims of natural disasters and civil conflicts worldwide. RI’s programs bridge the gap between immediate emergency relief and long-term community development, through innovative programming that is multi-sectoral and grassroots-based. This orientation promotes self-reliance and the peaceful reintegration of populations. RI’s programs are designed with the input and participation of target beneficiary groups such as women, children and the elderly, whose special needs are often neglected in disasters.

[BB Bangladesh]


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