Beyond Borders Festival : See. Think. Act.

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Series of Workshops would include..

Forum Theatre on HIV & AIDS and Conflict Resolution
This type of theatre was developed in Latin-America in the 1960’s.This is a special kind of performance, where the distinction between reality and theatre is lifted by inviting the audience with their ideas on stage. The aim of Forum Theatre is to change the spectator from a passive to an active participant and to encourage people to get involved by engaging in dialogue about issues of concern within a given society. At the festival we focus on two themes – Conflict Resolution and HIV & AIDS. Both these theatre forums will be facilitated by the members of the Beyond Borders Core Group.

Conflict Resolution
Conflict is part and parcel of our daily existence as human beings. They are built into our human relationships. The Workshop will deal with such practical aspects of conflict resolution and will give an introduction into how this tool can be used to better our lives. Mr. Harsha Fernando of the Attorney General’s Department, a seasoned trainer in Conflict management will conduct this workshop.

Human Effects of HIV & AIDS
Adolescent Reproductive Health is a topic that all young people should have knowledge on, to lead a healthy life. This workshop will focus on the human effects that Sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV AIDS have on peoples lives and will also educate the audience on the practical elements of how to lead a healthy sexual life. An experienced activist in the field of HIV and AIDS will lead this workshop.

Public Speaking
Effective Public Speaking is an important tool that all of us should have
and is not a quality expected and limited to only those who are ‘leaders’!
This workshop conducted by experts from the Colombo Toast Masters Club will
give you tips and pointers on how to gear up to shed your fears and become
an effective public speaker.

Youth Activism
Young people are not just leaders of tomorrow but are being increasingly recognized as development partners for today. This workshop will be led by Mr. Sanjana Hattotowa, a civil society activist will give you an introduction as to how you can contribute to positive social change.

‘Vision. Passion. Action’
Most of us go through life without a sense of purpose or direction. We, invariably live our lives by agendas written by others. This session conducted by Mr. Tuan Iyne, who is both an experienced trainer and counselor, will teach you simple tools and techniques for a goal driven and purpose oriented life.

‘Citizenship- who cares?’

Sri Lanka can be no more or no less than the sum of the beliefs of its people; of their character, judgments acts and efforts. The country’s success has more to do with clarity of shared purpose, shared principles, and strength of its citizens’ belief in them. The session begs the questions: Do we care? & How should we show it? This workshop is run by Mr. Robert Vander Wall of Sage Trainers.

Social Etiquette
This workshop run by Nedra Wickremasinghe will give you tips as you prepare to enter a society which values the way you hold your knife and fork while you have dinner & teaches you how to build your image to face the challenges of the world!

Substance Abuse-Social and Pharmacological aspects
A burning problem of our day, this session run by Prof. Ravindra Fernando and Prof. Lal Jayakody, from the University of Colombo, will deal with the social effects of Substance Abuse and the Pharmacological aspects of this issue.


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