Teaching Active Global Citizenship


From the outset, the Sri Lankan Core Group wanted to focus on underprivileged children.

The Shanthi Animation Center is an organization Shameema (SL BB Core Group Member) and I had worked with, on individual levels. Shanthi is an organization started by an Italian priest who came to Sri Lanka 55 years ago. Their main aim is to prevent children from slum areas getting involved in drug and alcohol addiction.

Shanthi has over the years worked with these slum communities and helped them in their overall evaluation. They depend on volunteers to help run their youth programs and to get involved with the kids to provide them with an alternative to addiction.

Our Core Group thought that working with this organization would be more effective and so we made a decision to visit one of the Shanthi sites once a week and come up with a structured syllabus to educate the kids from that area, on Beyond Borders themes through the English medium.

We are now in the process of consulting professionals from the British Council and are trying to come up with the syllabus. What we, the Core Group members will be learning from this, is immense. Teaching ‘Active Global Citizenship’ in English will prove our mettle while honing our skills of interacting productively with children.

None of us have actually worked with kids on such a level before and its going to be a challenge. But we are up to it, as we know the results will come.

By Yusuf Hussain


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