Start to Finish


The documentary which coincided with Beyond Borders Festival in Sri Lanka, entitled ‘Start to Finish’ got its first public performance last month at the British Council hall, in Colombo. Written and directed by King Rathnam and produced by Narada Bakmeewewa of the Narada Bakmeewewa Inc, ‘Start to Finish’ captures the Beyond Borders festival and Beyond Borders themes in an abstract sense.

Covering the core themes of the festival of conflict resolution, youth activism, sexual health and substance abuse, the documentary metaphorically identifies those themes as ‘hurdles’ where we, the young peoples of the world must overcome in the ‘race’ of life.

The documentary – as short as it is – covers the different aspects of the festival and broader Beyond Borders themes of identity, diversity and active global citizenship with skilful use of footage from workshops, the ‘junction’ concert and through vast amount of opinions, perspectives and feedback voiced out by festival attendees and BB CGMs both from Sri Lanka and invited countries.

‘Start to Finish’ was narrated by Sri Lankan Core Group Members, Sheetal Survase and Raashid Riza.

For details on how to obtain copies of the DVD please contact slbeyondborders [at] gmail [dot] com

Start to Finish can be viewed online here


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