Sex education through toads

Across the subcontinent countries there is what seems to be a cultural barrier towards proper sex education, although in some places information about the reproductive system and STDs are found in official school syllabuses, very often these chapters (or pages) are skipped by tutors to avoid an uncomfortable situation as perceived by them.

Although things have been changing for the better, three Indian states- Maharastra, Karnataka and Mhadya Pradesh – seems to have disallowed sex education in their schools, resisting a central government effort to introduce sex education in schools across India.

The Indian blog random thoughts of a demented mind have an entertaining take on the issue:

..In a development that gladdens my heart, the governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have disallowed sex education in their schools thus taking a stance against the tide of decadence that seeks to sweep the nation.
Sex education in schools ! What is the world coming to? Soon children will definitively know that little brother was not picked up from a temple, that auto-manipulation will not make them go blind and that they should not get close to that uncle who insists on exploring them as they sit on his knee.
Needless to say, such knowledge cannot be allowed.
After all they should grow up, as we grew up. With shame, guilt and ignorance, where the closest we came to formally knowing about birds and bees was the two pages detailing the reproductive system of a toad that was followed by a page about the human reproductive system, which was not taught in class and was kept out of syllabus (Such was the case in West Bengal Secondary when I was a kid). Needless to say, there was a reason for why the toad was chosen — after seeing the internals of the toad’s reproductive system, you would want to stay celibate for life…

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