Rotaract Launches Charity Apple

Rotaract Club of Colombo has launched CharityApple, a website which helps to link up those who want to help with those who need help.

Many of people would have, at some point, wanted to help out in some way
or other but may not have had an outlet through which to do so. This is a fairly common problem throughout the country and this is where CharityApple can help.

When you enter the site, you will have the choice of contributing in a minute or a few hours. If you have the inclination to help out in the community but lack the time to do so, you can choose the former option and donate money to a charity of your choice. If you can spare a few hours, you can choose to contribute as a volunteer, choose the charity of your choice and arrange a date and a time to spend some time there.

please do take the time to visit the website and hopefully volunteer some of your time.
check it out :

Posted on 05/09/2007, in Events-Activities-Announcements, Sri Lanka. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Well designed site there.

  2. yes. a rarity in the Sri Lankan context.

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