On a Yamuna Yatra

Youth Yatra for Reflection and Action for Change is an EU funded project for young people managed by the British Council along with partners in Finland (Finnish Youth Cooperation Allianssi), India (Swechha We for Change Foundation), Sri Lanka (Sarvodaya Shramadan Movement) and the UK (UnLtd). The scope of the project moves beyond the traditional realm of volunteering to build the capacity of young people as changemakers. This project brings together 24 young changemakers from Finland, India, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom to go through a practical, professional, personal, reflective and active journey over 10 months on issues of sustainable development. The Yatra is an innovative vehicle for inter-cultural exchange of best practice and experience.

The key aim of the project is to build the capacity of the participants for the promotion of positive social change by being role models for youth active-ism in the international movement for sustainable development. These young changemakers are a diverse group of young men and women journalists, community animators and film-makers, in the age group of 18-30 years, with a passion for making a difference through youth empowerment, participation and policy formulation on global issues.

Three members from Beyond Borders, two from BB Sri Lanka and one from BB India participated for the project.

The journey of Yatra is captured in two articles by two participants on the sunday times here and here.


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