Dil Se Dil : A Concert on the Border


On the night of August 14th, history will be made as the people from Pakistan and India come together to jointly celebrate 60 Years of Independence.

For the first time ever, permission has been granted by both governments to allow this extraordinary coming together of hearts.

Dil se Dil, which means Heart-to-Heart, is not just a name. It is an idea whose time has come. Many of our worlds problems result from the biases and prejudices that take hold in the absence of real contact and communication.

This extraordinary event – which will be broadcast to a quarter of the world’s population – will help to shed light on the core humanity we all share, regardless of our differences.
Not only is this a momentous event in the history of India and Pakistan – the first time the people of these countries will celebrate their independence together – but it offers the world a model for how to deal with our differences – kid-to-kid, people-to-people, heart-to-heart, this commemoration will entail a single, unifying concert event, the performances will originate from twin stages, one in India and one in Pakistan, on either side of the Attari/Wagah border. Live performances will alternate from one stage to the other, visible to the entire live audience, no matter on which side of the border they are sitting.
This two-stage-one-concert approach, with its innovative utilization of advanced telecommunications, sound engineering, and broadcast technology is as symbolic as it is practical. It represents the younger generation doing exactly what they do best: harnessing technology to create community and to overcome distance, physical barriers, and outmoded thinking.

– From the Dil Se Dil Web site

The concert will be organized by Friends Without Borders in conjunction with Routes to Roots and will feature stars such as AR Rahaman, Atif Aslam, Shafaat Amanath Ali, Kailash Kher, Shah Rukh Khan, Wasim Akram, Juhi Chawla, and Shaiyanne Malik.

Beyond Borders wishes FWB, routes to roots all the best in organizing this event.


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  1. Terror threats? by whom?

  2. um.. Al Qaeda i belive. there was an increase of ‘chattter’ apparently. and the pubjab government refused permission.

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