International Youth Partnerships


Oxfam international youth partnerships (OIYP) works with 300 young people in more than 100 countries to build capacity and create opportunities for them act as facilitators for change.

The kaleidoscope event recently concluded in Sydney brought together these 300 ‘Action Partners’ for a knowledge-sharing and skills building program as the inaugurating the new cycle of action starting from 2007 to 2010.

The event consisted of discussions based on thematic areas such as peace, conflict, HIV/AIDS, economic issues, etc. and also skills oriented sessions, which may be useful on the ground such as ‘facilitation skills’, ‘grant proposal writing’, etc. Kaleidoscope also gave opportunity for young people to network, to present their culture and to express themselves in art, music and dance.

The OIYP network would continue to support these action partners through supporting their work through a small grants programme and capacity building opportunities. A few people from Beyond Borders have been selected as Action Partners for OIYP.

For more on Kaleidoscope and please the OIYP website. A few pictures about kaleidoscope can be found on the OIYP flickr, as well as ours.


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