CNN: Be the Change


CNN’s Be the Change is a year-long project following six young men and women as they try to have a positive effect on the world around them. Some are traveling across the world to help areas in need, and some are championing efforts in their own communities.

One of the young change-makers is Vimlendu Jha of Swechha — We for Change Foundation, based in New Delhi. The organization is geared towards raising awareness of the city’s environmental problems, and ultimately tackling them. As well as leading volunteers to plant trees, and to initiate action to clean Delhi’s Yamuna River, Swechha takes school children to see sites of ecological crises around the city.

Swechha’s approach to environment is interesting, in that they recognize that environmental issues don’t exist in a void, and focuses on tackling issues related to ‘human environment’ such as development, conflict and religion without merely concentrating issues which relate to ecology. The idea is to envision environment as ‘right here’, rather than ‘out there’ which is the most common perception.

Viml and Swechha are friends of Beyond Borders and some of the BBites have been involved in the Youth Yatra project, an initiative undertaken by Swechha in which 24 change makers from India, Finland, Sri Lanka and the UK were taken on a month-long reflecting journey following the river Yamuna from it’s source to almost its end.

The CNN Be The Change website contains Blogs and videos of the activities of Viml and other change-makers from Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, Tanzania and Cambodia.

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