No Noise for Gender Violence

Anindita Sengupta blogging at Ultra Violet wonders whether violence against women has gotten so acceptable that it “ceases to even horrify” anymore.

editors and senior journalists of prominent newspapers obviously do not think this is an issue worth discussing. So there is no series of columns giving insights into the various aspects and implications. No “Lead India”-like campaign in ToI. No railing editorials from aging and mostly senile columnists. (Shashi Tharoor, when you’re done with lamenting the fact that we Indian women are not wearing the sari any more, you think you could turn your attention to this?)

I get the disturbing sense that violence against women is so accepted within the framework of our society, something that we have become so used to, that it ceases to even horrify anymore.

Meanwhile, can you name 16 forms of violence against women? Are you sure you don’t know anyone facing one of these? Are you sure you’re not facing one of these yourself? [link]

Come to think of it, We didn’t really hear anything about it in Sri Lanka either. The full piece makes for an interesting read. The forum theatre on thursday will have some linkages with the theme.


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