Kola Kenda for the Sri Lankan Soul – Out now!

Kola Kenda

When we first thought of Kola Kenda, we were thinking of ways in which to build a common Sri Lankan identity, we thought a feel-good book about Sri Lanka would be one way of going about it. We felt we don’t need back into thousands of years in our history to find a bit of inspiration and– despiteour many failings – we as Sri Lankans havel many things to be proud of, after all this is the country which gave the world Muralitharan and Michael Ondaatje, the country that changed one day cricket and possibly the only place on earth which maintains a which maintains a high literacy rate, low infant mortality rate and a growing economy despite a civil war.

So here it is, We’ve compiled the best entries we received into a PDF for anyone to download, read and enjoy.

Our most sincere thanks to all those who contributed, We hope everyone will have fun reading this, and maybe even feel a tad bit better about this country we call home.

Download Kola Kenda (Free)


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  1. This is something similar to the Chicken Soup series and they’ve Sri Lankan-ized it and called it “Kola Kenda for the Sri Lankan Soul”. The ebook’s available here and is free to download, copy, print and distribute – provided it’s done on an as-is basis. If you want to find out more about this collective, they can be found at https://beyondborders.wordpress.com/. Having printed this book out myself, and using it as “throne” reading, I was thinking its been a while since I exercised that left side of my brain as well.. ( link )

  2. Disappointing that the title of the book is exclusively Sinnala/English. Sounds like you’re perpetuating borders, not going beyond them!

  3. how is that perpetuate borders? if it helps the child in the cover probably speaks tamil, she has her name written in that language in the file.. but wait does that somehow in some twisted way perpetuate borders? hmmm..

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