“WAKE UP!!!” A campaign against honor killings

Violence against women takes a dismaying variety of forms, but the worst form which snatches away the lives of millions of women each year are “honor killings”. For a lot of women in some parts of the world, the prospect of an honor killing is a bitter reality.  Each year, uncountable amount of women are killed, burnt, sold, exchanged and handed out to different tribes for compensation for a conflict in the name of honor.

From thousand years, women suffer in the form death……..which to their men is restoration of the man’s honor.  Women even faintly suspected of an ‘inappropriate’ relationship face hideous forms of violence. They are stoned, shot, beaten until death, and attacked by axes by their brothers, fathers, husband and even cousins.

Women keep on being victims to this merciless tradition and shed their blood for a custom which has not assigned by any religion, any culture, but only an imagined honor.

WAKE UP!!! Campaign against honor killing is a movement which aims to bring small changes in the lives of these victims of ‘honor’. Targeting around 5000 people, the campaign would work towards raising the voices of those women around the world who have been forever silenced by these hideous customs.

WAKE UP!!! is currently at work here in Pakistan; soon we will be launching its website for online membership for international change agents. For the moment you can support by,

  • Helping us spread the word about the campaign by posting this information (emails, blogs, etc.)
  • Writing in your thoughts and your feelings about this crime for our campaign e-newsletter.
  •  Participating in discussions, or if you know of a community affected by “honor killings” then by sending us more information,  pictures, or videos.
  • Identifying as a Change Agent! in the cause against honor killings

To get involved in the campaign or for more information  please contact khalidabrohi_traditional@yahoo.com

WAKE UP invites you to be a part of this Global campaign and be the change agents against honor killing!!!
–  Khalida Brohi.

Khalida is deeply involved in the WAKE UP!!! Campaign working with Participatory Development Initiative, an organization based in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. She’s also an action partner for Oxfam International Youth Partnerships where she had her first interaction with Beyond Borders.


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  1. Good! There is a need for more people to work on this problem. Best of luck to you.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  2. I think we should start a different type of honour killings in Sri Lanka. Suicide bombers’ families should be dealt with as Israel does.

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