“How we see Sri Lanka”

As part of the recent Peace Camp in Wariyapola, we asked the kids to group into their home districts and work on a mural along the themes of how they see Sri Lanka at present and their hopes for Sri Lanka’s future. Here are some of the results,

Kandy and Nuwara Eliya districts.


These guys and girls seem to wish for a more equitable and a cohesive Sri Lanka in the future.

Trincomalee district


The guys from Trinco seem to be wishing for religious harmony leading to progress which is impeded by a war waged in the name of peace.

Gampaha and Hambantota districts


These guys seem to be more concerned with the escalating “Cost of Living”, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the spider web means.

Monralagala, Anuradhapura and Kurunegala districts


These young people seem to want peace and denounce violence.

The Kids in Touch Peace Camp was a joint initiative by the British Council and Sarvodaya. the camp was facilitated by Beyond Borders.

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  1. Scary…
    The effects on young minds…
    By the folly of older.

  2. “These guys seem to be more concerned with the escalating “Cost of Living”, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the spider web means.”
    If you went to lengths to ask them to do it, why didn’t you find out what it means before writing the article!
    Perhaps it is the best of the lot! no peace or war with empty stomachs! and may be you are the spider 😉
    Anyway thanks for whatever you are trying to do! I know it is good, I am not even trying!!

  3. True enough, we should have asked them. COL is a big problem of course, we weren’t making a value judgment over things. But interesting to note the differences of emphasis between different districts.

  4. I wonder if those kids from Monaragala feel the same after the [edited..] (LTTE) killed or injured almost a hundred of their friends and relatives in Buttala this week.

    Admin Note : comment edited on..um.. ethical grounds.

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