Oblivious to the suffering triggered by the people of my kind!

Palestine SufferingThe new day dawns so pretty, the sun shines so bright
I woke up to the ceiling, knowing something was not right,
Sat up with a jolt, knowing I had slept in late
Mom shouted “breakfast’s ready”, but I simply could not wait
The studio lay wide open, for me to read the news
To work I rushed at speed, not a moment I could loose

A stack of papers lay before me, microphone pegged on my shirt,
Another day at office to wash off my people’s dirt
I blurted “things are fine, the Palestinians are living well”,
My conscience knowing better that, life for them was a living hell!
No food to feed their stomachs, no medication to treat the sick
No power to run their houses, no fuel to light their wicks

My eyes are open to their suffering, but my lips continue to read…
…the propagandistic notes which they expect me to feed…
…to the people of the world, to keep them groping in the blind,
Oblivious to the suffering triggered by the people of my kind!

“Click” goes the remote, far away on a person’s hand,
A news story greets him, “reports” from the blessed land
For the reporters each word attention strict he pays,
Never thinking beyond his lies, of the suffering Palestinians face
At the end of the news story, which so freely he had bought
“The plight of my fellow people (he thinks), is not bad as I once had thought!”

So “click” goes again, the contraption in his hand,
Let’s watch something “cool”, broadcast on another band
Each song and dance he watches with hands clapped on with glee,
That movie was so “touching”, the match was a delight to see
Oh have we become such fools, to become such easy prey…
to the schemes that have been devised, by the folks who plan our day…
…to be spent in fun and games while forgetting the others plight,
Another day thus ends, as to bed he makes his flight

Hand-cuffed we stand so weak, before our masters this “worldly wealth”,
As the evil schemers plan, to bring us down in stealth
This tune if you bear, throughout your life my friend
Their plan will overtake you, and seal your fateful end!
So obey your lord almighty, and help your brothers in need,
Your “duties” do it proper; to the prophets pay good heed
Keep sowing the seeds of love & remove the weeds of vice…
…and book your ranks in heaven, a man destined for paradise!

-Muwahhid Riza


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  1. hey rockstarrr !!
    this is really awesome … touched the heart … stirred something within 🙂 🙂

  2. RightStudent

    Awesome..A wonderful, strong message..Keep up the good work..!

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