Forum Theatre – Call for Volunteers

Are you a drama queen/king? Are you between the ages of 16-26? If you If you answered yes to both questions, then we would like you to be a part of the Beyond Borders Forum Theatre outfit. We are a voluntary youth led youth run organization who use Forum Theatre as a tool to help people understand social issues and help them come up with possible solutions.

Because this form of theatre involves participation of the audience we are looking for an enthusiastic and energetic bunch of young people to contribute a little time and effort to make ‘Forum Theatre 4 change’ a success. So join us and share in the fun.

If you are interested to volunteer for the Forum theatre group of Beyond Borders, Please drop us a mail with a few details about yourself (not too much) before the 17th March 2008 to slbeyondborders[at] and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Remember to include your age, contact information and any previous experience you have with theatre when you contact us.

BB’s previous work on forum theatre can be found searching this blog. You can also find some related stuff on Flickr and Google Video.

Update : See a related article on the Sunday Times


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  1. This is great wish I had enough time to get to this. Wow.. Hmmm keep up the good work guys… Really nice site.. I think Mithila also here..

  2. I am here at a forum newcomer. Until I read and deal with the forum.
    Let’s learn!

  3. yea.thanx for sharing this blog post with me.i just found it buy google couse i was searching for
    more info about this.Ang BANG! i found your blog that was so use full for me.
    feel free to drop me email i will send small donation.
    regards felek grill bar

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