One of Faith, the other of Opression


Same Veil. Two very different perceptions.

Sometimes, a picture is more than just a thousand words.


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  1. No. Both Oppression and Surrender.

  2. Both are of faith! what an idiotic comment.

  3. None of us can say anything. Only the person wearing the veil has the right to make that statement

  4. No that is not the point Dilli, Have you ever perceived a nun being oppressed? no, but lot of people do that for someone who wears the hijab.

  5. Both of them must wear that, If not they go to hell and burn in dry heat forever. You may call it faith – but I say that is more brutal Oppression even than in North Korea – at least in North Korea, they let you go once you dead. And answer to your question is – Yes. Mother Theresa. Read her letters published recently. I feel sorry for the poor woman.

  6. @ dili- cant blame u for having an objective statement
    @ Rajitha – very nice to see human beings having empathy for their fellow beings, i agree totally on the change in perception shown for the same dress code adhered by two different faiths.
    @ Sam – u making this a tussle between religion and secularism or materialism? I would call a person who wears a full suit to work on a daily basis as a figure of oppression, oppressed by money and worldly gains…..and he needs no hell fire to burn in dry heat, the earths sun does a gud enuf job to cook him in his own sweat!

  7. Sorry that was a bit of course wasnt it. 😛

    True we are blinded by stereotypes and we perceive them in a certain way. But Im saying we shouldnt perceive them at all. We should let the person wearing the cloth or the hijab make the decision whether they are oppressed or whether its a matter of faith.

    I dont think a nun leads a life that is any less constricted than one wearing a hijab in a conservative Islamic country. I guess the difference is that the nuns had a choice whether to enter that life whereas the women of Islam are born into it and have no choice in the matter.

    So in that sense yes, one is of Faith and the other of Oppression but thats a very generalised description and there are bound to be exceptions

  8. I agree with most of your statements Dili and applaud u for it all and the balance u maintain always. However, i beg to disagree with the first two sentences in the second paragraph. As Einsteins namesake its only fair to see things relatively 🙂

    From what is commonly known, Islam is a religion which emerged through a minority to transform a majority. Hijab was evident in its men and women while islam was growing and while it was a superpower.
    The rule of so called “Constriction” is not endemic to conservative islamic countries ONLY. Some of the most self professed “constrictions” for women of today are visible in western countries which hardly fit the description of a “conservative islamic country”. Oh and most of these self constricted women were not born into oppression……they adapted the so called “opression” into their lives.

  9. Dilli, but you can’t simply wish away ‘perception’ ne? people will continue to perceive things one way or the other. What we can do I think, (and what we try to do here at BB as well) is to break away stereotypes which leads things being perceived in a certain way, it will take a long long time, but that’s more plausible.

    and yes, like Einstein says, if you really ask most people who wears a hijab, why she does that – as i have – mostly they will say it’s a matter of choice.

  10. at least in this part of the world.

  11. Whether it is oppression or faith is not the issue. The issue is as to WHO is pushing the global perception whether its is oppression or not. What it shows is the hypocricy and the utter baselessness of the Anglo-American block who have self-appointed to “civilize” the Islamic nations and the Islamic culture.

  12. the issues IS whether it’s oppression or faith. Some of it is oppression some of it may be choice, you cant generalize. jr, you do the same mistake when you say ‘anglo-american’ block. obviously that kind is not homogeneous. and Yes, some parts of what passes on as islamic culture need to be civilized. are you a fan of the saudi arabian justice system ?

  13. Thanks for the thumbs up Einstein 😀

    See I was contradicting myself, I say we shouldnt believe in stereotypes and then turn around and lay on one of the biggest ones of all. How’s that for Irony. Good thing I mentioned BOCTAOE 😛

    Yes in hindsight i have to agree that in saying conservative Islamic country I was unconsciously subscribing to a stereotype. And what einstein and Deane are saying just takes me back to what I was sayin first up. It depends on the wearer whether its oppression or faith.

    Deane – All too true bro. You cant wish away perception. My own foot-in-mouth being the obvious example. Forgive me for being cynical but the way things are it’ll possibly take a couple of evolutionary cycles before thats even realistically possible. But Its got to start with each individual ne. I was trying to say what should happen, what we should be doing individually as people who know a little better than to start tagging people like posts on a blog.

  14. Shocked to see that R hasn’t commented yet.

    I don’t know who put up the post, but it’s interesting to see that people thought the Hijab was the picture of the oppressed.

    Whether it’s a sign of faith, or a sign of oppression depends on the person’s view. And only the person wearing the veil knows what it symbolizes. We are not the judges of that.

  15. ahhh dinidu.. how very nice of you, i am flattered..

    coming to the post, quite an interesting discussion, which is not devoid of sam coming with his usual bull like global warming in the hereafter..

    Quite a deep discussion and dwelling on one aspect would not do respect to the other, hence ill deviate a little, ( more so since i am held by assignments yet felt obliged after dinidu was so nice to remember )..

    The hijab is percieved by some as a symbol of oppression.. today and in history what is considered “hip” is to emulate the powerful or anything that has to do with the powerful.

    Take the dark ages, termed dark ages since the west was indeed in the dark. but wat is overlooked is that when europe was in the dark, muslim spain and the arab world was thriving in sophistication which europe was to experience only 700 years later!!!!! No muslim spain No renaiisance! the founder of the Oxford university (his name is at the tip of my toungue) studied at the University of Cordova..

    check this

    and when teh Muslims were the most sophisticated people on earth, the Hijab or a derivative of the hijab was a major “hip” fashion statement in europe! this is evident in movies or documentaries which are based on those times.

    Hijab is a symbol of muslims and islam, so perhaps to some ppl it may represent a weak and oppressed ppl of the earth.. but this too is a passing phase.. as is evident today and in history, the powerful directly or indirectly define lifestyle.. and IF media moguls or major fashion designers pick on the hijab as the modern trend… see how perception would rather miraculously change…

    we have to admit the fact that our minds are governed by what we see and hear again and again, and rarely by us investigating on our own.

  16. sir francis backon if my memory doesnt fail me was da founder of oxford.

  17. thekillromeoproject

    Both pictures can be captioned “Faith” or “Oppression” depending on what perspective you look at it from.

    I would rather label both “Faith”

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