Liberal Youth Forum (India) Launched

The Liberal Youth Forum (LYF-India) is a movement of young individuals, informal groups and formal associations collaborating to create access and choice in social, cultural, economic, political and environmental spheres for a freer and more prosperous India. On April 5th, 2008, the Liberal Youth Forum will formally announce its launch at Hotel Peninsula Grand, Andheri East, Mumbai, with help from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and Centre for Civil Society.

At LYF-India launch in Mumbai, the elected members of its executive committee will be introduced, as well as providing details about its planned activities for the year, centered around mobilizing the youth at colleges/universities of India.

LYF-India believes in the power of human enterprise to overcome the shackles of poverty and to find full expression in a society founded on the principles of freedom and tolerance. They want to see an India in which all citizens are equal before the law and have the opportunity to pursue their own happiness. They dream of a society where competition is the fountainhead of choice and where the accident of birth is not a barrier to social or economic progress; where gender, caste, creed, race or region is no barrier to the brotherhood of mankind; where nations live in peace and borders do not matter. They commit themselves to the creation of a society where every citizen enjoys the basic human rights to property and livelihood, living life with dignity and personal responsibility. They believe that the youth of today can make this happen.

As LYF-India is going to be a network of liberal youth in India, it seeks support and look for networking opportunities with similar organizations across the globe.

Adapted from the text at the Atlas Economic Foundation. LYF Blog is here. We wish the LYF and especially the BB-ites involved in LYF all the very best. Previously on this blog: Info about the Liberty & Society Seminar.


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