Breaking Sterotypes with Queen Rania

“In a world where it so easy to connect to one another, we still remain very much disconnected” Says Queen Rania of Jordan, who’s on a mission to break stereotypes about the Arab world. Her chosen ‘weapon’ – Youtube. From now till August 12th, The world Youth Day. Queen Rania hope to receive questions youtubers have on common stereotypes about the Arab World and and answer some of them on youtube.

The first youtube video requesting people to send in stereotypes have been viewed over a million times (1.2 million at the time of posting) and her first response to the questions raised was posted a few days ago. Let’s hope her efforts does indeed help her cause, one stereotype she doesn’t help with break is that this notion that arab women are pretty.


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  1. I wonder, would you have included that last sentence if the subject was a man? Incipient sexism is something I am truly surprised and disappointed to find on this blog, of all places.

    Sanjana Hattotuwa

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