Unreel on the Media

From the Lakbimanews Magazine “Unreeling views and Ideas of Youth”:

The expression of every member of the audience changed as the presenter went on to state that global warming had not made it to the top of the priority list of the most serious problems that the world is currently facing.

As the clip came to an end, the zeal of the young audience to share their opinions and comments on the controversial statement was obvious by the number of hands waving in the air to be recognised by the curator.

The day was filled with such intense discussions and even heated debates ensuing the screening of various video clips on a number of social and development issues. The mini documentary/film festival, Unreel organised by Beyond Borders Sri Lanka which was held at the British Council proved to be an event not to be missed. [..]

Controversial discussion

Peace and conflict, problem prioritisation (Copenhagen Consensus Centre) and gender/sexuality were some of the issues discussed. Perhaps the most controversial discussion was on the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, which analyses global challenges and problems.

The centre works with governments, multi lateral organisations and other entities concerned with solving global challenges. The Copenhagen Consensus Centre is headed by Bjorn Lomborg who together with more than 55 international economists including 5 Nobel laureates identifies these challenges and after assessing them, provides cost effective solutions.
It is this act of prioritisation on the basis of monetary output and benefit that caused a stir in the audience.


According to the criteria used by the economists, the solution to climate change was too costly and would produce little monetary output and hence ranked last in the priority list.
This caused a heated discussion amongst the members of the audience as to whether global challenges such as these should be prioritized by economists alone who invariably consider the financial feasibility of a solution alone. In other words they were picking out the cheapest problems to solve as they produce a maximum output. (more..)

Read the whole thing from the Labimanews site.

From the Sunday Times Mirror Magazine, “Unique Outlook”:

The principles of open information sharing are almost a decade old, and had their roots in the evolution of the Internet, with the web moving from being provider-centric, to user-centric. The term “Unconference” was first used in 1998 at an XML Developers Forum, and has since been used to describe events which distance themselves from traditional conferences.

Beyond Borders, is a voluntary youth organisation that does development and social work, and their projects have always been in the forefront of using innovative and sometimes unconventional methods to share knowledge.

UnReel, a documentary Unconference was the latest initiative put forward by the Beyond Borders project, at the British Council auditorium on May 3, with around 50 people taking part.

The documentaries were sorted under the themes Sex and Gender, Peace and Conflict, Development and Poverty, Environment and TED Talks.

The participants were as varied as the themes – journalists, activists, movie-makers, and students. Commenting on the event, Shafraza (20) said, “It was different, mainly because there was a variety of people. I liked the documentary on the LTTE’s Propaganda Mechanism, and the discussion that followed. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but the discussions were good.”

Keeping with the principles of participant-driven events, all participants were requested to bring along content that they wished to contribute, and these were also added to the catalogue.

Read the rest from the ST website.

More on Unreel can be found here and here. Some pics are here.


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