Video competition on Climate Change

The UNDP along with Peace Child International is organizing a an interactive competition that aims to inspire and educate young people on the key messages of the 2007 Human Development Report – the United Nations’ most comprehensive analysis of current scientific, economic and political thinking about the threat of catastrophic climate change and how to avoid it.

The contest invites young people aged 15-25 to make 30-150 second videos that relate these key messages to their own lived experience of climate change, their views about it, and/or their concerns about how the older generation have been, or should be, reacting to the challenge of combating it.

Videos to Engage and Inspire the World:

The United Nations is made up of 193 member states – and young people aged 15-25 in each of them are welcome to enter this contest. Even if you do not own a Video Camera, or a computer, you can take part in the contest.

An all expense trip paid to attend the World Youth Congress 2008 in Quebec City, Quebec.

The 4th World Youth Congress will bring 600 of the world’s most dynamic young activists in the field of sustainable development to Quebec from 120 different countries.

For additional information on the project please visit

For additional information on the video challenge and to submit a video please visit


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