A Journey Beyond Borders

The official publication of Beyond Borders India is out now. From the inside cover:

Beyond Borders India are young change makers who have resolved to challenge the existing restrictive order. As the decision-makers of tomorrow we should not only be aware of our own responsibilities but should remind others about their duty as well.

As intolerance spreads like a global epidemic, it becomes mandatory for us to build awareness about varied world cultures and their inherent similarities. It is our belief that it is only by appreciating individual and regional identities that world peace can be ensured.

Humanity is the only tool through which we can stem the growing tide of hatred. Thus, it is necessary for us to transcend barriers and work for the upliftment of the marginalised groups. It is up to us to take up the cause of the homeless, hungry, disabled, rural and urban poor and many other such ‘invisible, unheard and unseen’ sections. In short, we want to work towards Human Rights issues to augment positive social change.

In this mission we aim to work in tandem with like-minded youth from all parts of the world. As young people coming from varied walks of life and having diverse local identities, we need to unite our efforts because our futures are connected as well.

The publication contains a report of activities and thoughts from BB-ites which make up Beyond Borders India. The publication can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Beyond Borders in Sri Lanka (Colombo) , India (New Delhi and Mumbai) and Bangladesh (Dhaka) functions as youth-led voluntary organizations working on development issues affecting young people. If you’d like to get involved, drop us an email to slbeyondborders[at]gmail.com

For More on BB India see the documentaries footprints (part 1 , 2) and Conversations all available on our Youtube channel.


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