Monsoon Wooding

Our friends at swechha has put out a new blog dedicated to a project called Monsoon Wooding”, aiming to recover New Delhi’s green cover. Here’s an excerpt from the first post :

In an attempt to restore Delhi’s green cover, Monsoon Wooding was launched in 2005 by Sweccha-We for Change foundation. It aims to bring together volunteers who wish to see Delhi’s tree cover expand and to give them a platform to realize their plans.
Because we also want trees in our world class city.

Our course of action is outlined by the 3 P’s:
PLANT – anywhere, everywhere!
PROTECT – trees that have been reduced to billboards.
PROMOTE – tree welfare, because knowledge is power!

Through our initiatives we plan to achieve the following –

1. Planting a target number of trees to make up for those lost in the name of development.
2. Saving existing trees from dying out and ensuring their protection.
3. Sensitizing the youth and the rest of the civil society of Delhi about the seriousness of Delhi’s depleting green cover.
4. Building a huge network of young volunteers who are ready to come forward and participate in similar environmental campaigns as and when the need arises.

5. Attracting the State’s attention towards the efforts of young people and convincing it to take necessary steps to create a greener Delhi. [link]

If you are in the Delhi Area and would like to get involved, give them a shout. Details are on the blog and their website.


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