A Study Circle on the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka

Beyond Borders kicked off the inaugural session of a series of a study circle meetings on the ethnic conflict for young people who are interested in the issues related to the ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka.

The Colombo study circle is part of a larger initiative by Beyond Borders which aims to strengthen youth voices in the discourse of the ethnic conflict by creating safe spaces for youth to freely talk about these issues. BB hopes to hold regional youth forums, study circles and create a reader on youth responses to the ethnic conflict which can be used as a lobbying tool, research resource for interested parties.

The first session focused on the role of our understanding of history has played in shaping the ethnic conflict. The speakers included Prof. Nira Wickramasinghe and Dr. Nirmal R. Dewasiri from the University of Colombo. Some pictures from the study circle is on our flickr. Watch this space for more updates on the Study Circles discussions.

Participation for the study circle is by invitation only. If you are between the ages of 18 to 29 and like to be part of the study circle drop us an email to info[at]beyondborders.lk with your name, age and a brief description as to why you’d like to be part of the study circle.


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  1. Generally, we have ethnic conflict in whole world. There is Sri Lanka, Spain, Kosovo… and I think that we should have more study circle meetings like this to make world more safety.

  2. if we want to conclude the ethnic problem first we have to prepare the people to accept it
    if the people accept it it can be implement easily

    we can see this from the bandaranayake and selvanayaham agreement
    the people were against that thats why it failed

    so this is a very good way to spread the basic concept of the ethnic problems and to find a solution from the world such as Beljium

    and also if the circle include the people a wide range it would be appreciable (from all communities and all mediums)

  3. For those looking for information on the evolution of the conflict in Sri Lanka, check out the Peace and Conflict Timeline (PACT) at http://pact.lk

    PACT is a participatory project aiming to collect and understand the many perspectives on the origins and manifestation of the Sri Lankan conflict through users’ engagement with the website.

    We invite you to participate. Visit http://pact.lk

    The PACT concept was recognised by the Society for New Communications research (SNCR), a global think tank, for its innovative use of new media.

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