Beyond Borders — Call for Applications

As regular readers of this blog know, we are officially looking for new people to join Beyond Borders. If you know anyone between the ages of 18 to 25 who might be interested in the work we do, Please forward the following information and help us spread the word.

Beyond Borders at Athidiya Colombo

Beyond Borders at Athidiya Colombo

Three themes: Identity, Diversity and Active Global Citizenship. Simple in concept but has great depth if you really think about it.

These are the working themes Beyond Borders (BB), a voluntary, youth-led, youth-run organization active in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and (formerly) in Pakistan & the UK. BB provides a space for young people to actively express themselves and take action on development issues affecting them.

At the moment, we are working on three main initiatives. Under our Citizenship education program area, we regularly hold workshops, seminars and youth camps on a range of issues we think young people should be aware about. In another one of our projects, we are compiling a report on youth responses, points of views, on the ethnic conflict via study circles and regional youth forums.

We also use tools such as forum theater to engage young people and advocate for issues we feel strongly for. Finally, we periodically organize forums, lectures and open discussions in keeping with our mission to create spaces for young people to talk about issues.

As a member of the core group, you will be able to join one of the project teams or propose your own project ideas on issues you care about. You will also get a chance to enhance your skills through working with our partners and our regular training programs and other opportunities which comes along. Everyone in Beyond Borders works voluntarily, including the core group which forms the primary decision making body. so it’s ok if you are working or studying. All of us are working or studying too, this is not a full-time thing.
So If you are passionate about social and development issues, and want to be a part of a change that you have always wanted to see in your world, send in your application by sending us your C.V. and a few lines on why you’d like to join Beyond Borders. Keep it short, simple and real. it’s not an essay. We just want to know why you’d like to be part of us.


  • All applicants should be within the ages of 18 to 26 by the end of 2008.
  • The deadline for the applications is on 7th of September 2008.
  • Please attach a copy of your CV with your write-up and email the application to

For More information on who we are and what we do please visit the following links:

Our Blog :
BB on YouTube:
BB’s Pictures:
BB on Facebook:

For any queries, do contact us:
Email: info[at]

Phone: Sachith (0771332781) or Nooranie (0773413985)


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