World Youth Day Walk

The World Youth Day Walk was held as part of the World Youth Congress in Quebec, Canada on the 12th of September 2008.  The walk consisting of more than 600 young people from 120 countries started at the University of Laval, which played host for the WYC and ended in a rally at Old, Quebec. The final event had messages read on behalf of the United Nations Secretary General, Governor General of Canada and other dignitaries on behalf of the youth day. What follows are some moments from the walk:

For more scenes from the world youth Congress, see these pictures from Flickr or visit the WYC youtube channel. A video of the World Youth Walk is also on youtube.


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  1. what i have to do inorder to be one of the particiapnts for the next world youth congress.

  2. Watch the Peace Child International Website, be active in development. The next one is in Turkey, 2010.

    There’s already a facebook group :

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