R.E.A.C.H. Now 2008 — A Youth Conference on HIV/AIDS

Save Lanka Kids is organizing a youth conference on HIV/AIDS from 19-21 October 2008. Registration is free till the 9th of October 2008. From the Conference website :

R.E.A.C.H NOW ’08 is a three day conference organized by Save Lanka Kids (SLK) with the main objective of empowering us youth to be Change Agents. By providing us with a platform to share our experiences that affect us from different parts of this country, and helping us identify the gaps in key selected areas related to issues that affect us, and formulating a recommendation that is youth focused to be presented to policy makers in this country to effect a youth positive response.
We the youth are the future of this nation, but also the most vulnerable when it comes to HIV and AIDS. Therefore it is our duty to educate and empower one another by joining hands in one forum to share experiences, opinions, ideas related to prevention strategies in working with youth in and out of school, also specific approach in working with MARP (Most at Risk Population). 

Coming together to advocate for PLHIV addressing the Stigma and discrimination that continues to affect their lives, It is also important that we demand for a youth friendly approach in the response to HIV and AIDS in Sri Lanka, because it is our moment, our generation therefore our responsibility.

For More information, please visit the R.E.A.C.H ’08 site.


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