Milk Rice

Shall we make milk-rice, O mother dear?
Shall we make some for you and me?
We haven’t eaten it since the New Year,
And I’ve been pining for some, you see.

What milk-rice? Oh child, what a pity!
Did you not hear what the townsfolk said?
Old Uncle Raja went to the city-
No one knows why he was shot in the head.

Shall we make milk-rice, O mother sweet?
I promise I’ll scrape the coconuts and all,
For my birthday, it’d be such a treat,
To have some milk-rice with sambol.

Milk-rice? Girl, what rubbish you talk!
Your cousin Pasan-remember him?
He went alone to the woods for a walk-
Stepped on a landmine and lost his limb.

Shall we make milk-rice, O mother fair?
For I shall be married in a week or two,
And before I go, I should so care,
To learn how to make milk-rice from you.

Oh, child, speak no more of milk-rice!
It’ll be a while ere you become a wife,
For the captain your husband-to-be made his choice,
And for his cause,laid down his life.

— Shavini Somawardhana

Shavini is a new BBite. She’s just getting the hang on things, and learning the how the fragile eco-system that is Beyond Borders. She has a low carbon footprint.


Posted on 11/17/2008, in Peace-Conflict-Governance, Sri Lanka and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hey nice work! really good

  2. Great stuff! Thats one more poetess added to the BB collection of artists.

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