Censored, a forum theatre performance by Beyond Borders in association with the British Council will take place on Thursday from 6.30 PM onwards at the British Council Hall, Colombo. There are still a few tickets at the British Council, grab them before they run out. Update : The event is sold out.

The Sunday Times last week carried an article giving out a few details about the event. The storyline was sparked by a true incident. Some pictures of the practice sessions is on our flickr, some more available on our Facebook events page.

For more info about the whole thing, see the previous blog post. Here’s the event poster.


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  1. Guys ;
    I was in the audience when this was staged. I have wrote a comment on it. Looking forward for a discussion.

  2. Good show. Can do and must do better next time. See http://ict4peace.wordpress.com/2008/11/21/censored-uncensored/

    Keep up the great work.


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