2008 in Retrospect

The past year was the most challenging, the most rewarding and the most fun we had at Beyond Borders. A key milestone for us, was registering ourselves as an organization. This meant we were legal, to be sued. We had a small pow wow of the Beyond Borders family to celebrate.

We had a couple of good theatre experiences as well. The hit was Censored. YATV did some videos of it, and we got quite a bit of media coverage for it. Forum theatre remains a key area on which we’re focusing on. It’s part of catalysing a thought process at different levels.  We also took some of our older productions,  out of Colombo.

We’re doing the study circle as well. We get young people, and people who are young at heart to talk about the ethnic issue, and then compile a youth reader on the conflict. As part of it, we’ve created, and now are supporting a blog, InMutiny. Go have a look-see, and if you feel like it, contribute. We’d like that very much. Plus we played some footy. Well, not really us, but we got some kids to come over and play some footy for the International Day of Peace.

We also plan to document some of these responses and compile a report. The feedback from the study circle, will be included in this as well as from some  input from reigional youth forums we plan to hold. 

On the leadership front, we’ve had a change. New management has taken over since last weekend, and we’re yet to see how he functions. Failed exams and rejected submissions would be good criteria for judging how much time and effort he is putting into the job. 

On the sex front, and on citizenship education, we’re compiling a toolkit. Something others would be able to use as well, when one wants to do a quick couple of sessions on a selected set of topics. As for now,  we have the support from Oxfam Australia for the project. More on that later, when we finish the thing off.

We also started project with CHA, helping kids in the juvinile justice system learn citizenship education and lifeskills. As of now, we are training a bunch of volunteers who can do this with us.

We’ve been doing a bit of talking as usual. Almost on a monthly basis. Our monthly discussions varied from the ethnic conflict, to religion, with a bit of global warming thrown in for added taste. Unreel, the documentary unconference that we hosted, attracted a lot of participants, and a lot of documentaries as well. TED Talks played a major role in the videos were put up, as with mainstream documents like For the Bible Tells Me So.

We’re being talked about too, due to strategically placed media connections. The mainstream media knows us, and so do a lot of people. We’ve hired (of sorts) a lot of new faces into the group, and we’re growing.

We’ve got an office, thanks to Infoshare and a Camcorder thanks to us. When we say thanks to us, what we mean is thanks to the  support FLICT has given us. But none of this would have been possible without the assistance given by British Council along the way, all the way. The camera would mean that our YouTube channel would have more content. The office space would mean we would have a place to plan our world domination.

Beyond Borders is a completly voluntary, youth-run organization. If you like our work,  maybe you’d like to get involved.  


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  1. I think we need to especially mention the new recruits… though Ding has relegated them to “we’ve hired”.
    It’s nice to see some new blood & alot of enthusiasm to go around.. more recruits with enough commitment to indoctrinate & properly spread the germ of world domination.. through changing the right way!

  2. I was wondering if it’s possible to subscribe to your rss feed through email.

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