A drive through history

The first murder ever was when Abel brought down Cain,
the ill effects of jealousy saw one of the brothers slain
this day Man came to know that lives could be taken,
with Animal instincts’ flaring and human values forsaken

This first pint of blood spilt, was all but shed in vain,
The habit of causing pain topped even the addiction to cocaine!
The blood started dripping, with no seeming end in sight
The words of dialogue drowned by the inclination to fight

Mankind has slowly evolved from primitive days of old,
But alas not their values, for many a head had rolled…
..down the killing machines devised to do its part in glee,
People killing people and bullets you get so free!

The Industrial Revolution came, Communism came and went,
Blacks won some Rights and Colonialism lost its scent
The First World War done and the second one closely followed,
The “(Third World) War on Terror”, the world easily swallowed

Jews were tortured in camps and their children were left in the cold
Some of them embraced Zionism and committed the same manifold!
Little children were being killed and burnt in an angry spate,
The rubble overpowering them to submit to their tragic fate

Governments started killing, the very people who voted them in,
Sanctions made sure that kids… would pay for another’s sin!
Lands were made and lost, and people were used as bait,
Look under the letter “I” and you’ll find a Terrorist State!

To Japan said Uncle Sam, “You need more Chemistry in life”
The atomic bombs were dropped to the killer tunes of the fife
The champions of Vodka thinking “Man we need some Poppy”,
Their failure in Afghanistan they might never need to copy

No religion can be bashed, no philosophy can be blamed
But for sure I know one thing, these Terrorists can be tamed
Justice and equity is the key behind this bloody lock,
Through kindness and compassion this violence we could sock!

This world is big enough to hold us all together,
This mantra is my fodder and you, my Good Old Brother
Governments could never do this, nor organizations we see
Clearing this mess up is left for both YOU and ME!


– Muwahhid Riza

Muwahhid is a Sri Lankan BB-ite and sometimes he blogs at ‘Poetic Equilibrium


Posted on 01/23/2009, in Opinions, Peace-Conflict-Governance, Youth-Culture-Society. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. architecture? uk? 😛

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