The blogger bugger who fought

I hoisted the flag with pride in my heart.
And I looked around to see that everyone’s done the same.
Except for this one guy, and I figured, that’s pretty lame.

Come to think of it, no flags ever flew,
Over that house ever. Why? No one knew.

So I went to my neighbour. You know, the divorced MILF next door?
To ask her about the house, after screwing her eyeballs out all over the floor.

Ah, the house of the blogger“, she said rubbing my head.
That’s the place of the bugger whom no one remembers is dead.

Who’s that?” I asked, getting ready for sloppy seconds.
Some activist fellow who was asking for it“, she reckoned.

I’m alive, and that’s all that matters, I thought.
As I did to her what the system did, to the blogger who fought.

The poet, Dinidu de Alwis, is a journalist in the mainstream media and a long standing BBite. He blogs at, and also acts as the Editor in Chief at Beyond Borders. Note the use of the word acts instead of works. All ideas expressed are his own, and all attacks and abductions should be exclusively directed at him.


Posted on 02/28/2009, in Media, Sri Lanka, Youth-Culture-Society. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. hahah! what the system did… great line!

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