Mom Knows best

He tapped on her tummy, “mommy will you let me out?” 
“Hush my son….” She said “wait a little bit more” 
“Please mommy can you tell me what this is all about?” 
“No my son, some things in this world you never need to know!”

Why mommy? Are you scared? What will happen to me? 
Nine months you carried me so why keep me still? 
When I’m born to this world mommy am I not free? 
So why do you want to hold me still against my will?

Nine months I tenderly nurtured and fed you all along, 
Your weight my child I always bore with no complain at all, 
If god had made you heavy, then god has made me strong 
Ill always be there for you my child, at your beck and call

So many years I’ve lived and so many things I’ve seen, 
The world’s such a cruel place and you’ll soon come to know 
Till you’re in my tummy child, you’re just another being 
Someday when you see the light you’ll know your friend and foe

Oh why mommy, why do you say we live in a world of hate? 
Is it that they hate little kids who laugh and make their day? 
Oh mommy, do let me out… please don’t make long my wait 
I promise ill be a good child and do everything you say

The mother thinks “Oh dear me, how am I to tell this child?” 
That the kids only a human being within the walls of her tummy 
But when a name is decided for him and from her stomach he is rid, 
Tearfully someday he will come back running toward his mommy

Why does a mother have to go through this phase…….. 
…..When a life is released from the depths of her shell? 
She knows she was measured by her religion and race, 
And for her child she feared the same living hell

How many times have we felt we are born… 
…to the wrong place on earth to a wrong place in time 
Through hate this human race has been torn….. 
….to shreds with wars that’s not worth a dime

This is the state of the many mothers who… 
…live in the four corners ravaged by ethnic war 
The words we had said and the actions we do 
May be small for us but may reach very far

You may be Tamil, a Muslim or a Jew 
Or any other faith which worships the unseen 
A Christian, a Buddhist and god knows who, 
We’re in this together so let’s keep our deeds clean!

— Muwahhid Riza

Muwahhid is a Sri Lankan BB-ite,  currently residing in the hip part of Middle-east.  Sometimes he blogs at Poetic Equilibrium.


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