The first AGM


Since we are now a registered legal entity, and that requires us to have an AGM, we did. It was held last week at the British Council Auditorium, with the participation of present and returning BBites. Current General Secretary Nooranie Muthaliph was re-elected, as we agreed that he was doing a good job.

Niranjan de Silva of Toastmasters fame was invited as a guest speaker on the subject of Young People and the Economic Downturn. His opening remarks were on how, when there is an economic boom, there does not seem to be many discussions on how to capitalize on the boom.

For us, it’s a time to look back and see what we’ve done, and at the same time look forward. We have a new strategy in place, and with the turn of events and the current situation of the country, our role as an agent for young people, and a voice of change has also evolved. We however, are all geared up.


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