Fixing educashun


I was not a student who academically excelled in School. Whilst scoring high in subject such as Maths and Science, I was horrible at the subjects that required one to “study” for them. And even though I find writing absolutely enjoyable now, it was not so when I was in school. My teachers made me hate the subject.

A lot of people have been arguing for comprehensive reforms in Sri Lanka’s education sector. This would have to come in the form of reforming the methodology of teaching, reforming the systems of learning, and a complete revamp of the curricula.

Looking at how state funded schools are being used, we have to realize that schools are useless things, most of the time. Let me explain.

Almost every student in the Advanced Level classes, also seek the services of private tutors. Be in the form of expensive visiting tutors who visit homes, exclusive group classes, or mass classes where thousands gather, these finally become exam results machines.

This is where the schools have failed an already failed education system. It’s not the intelligence of the students that are rewarded or grown, nor the interest and enthusiasm they carry forward for a specific subject or a stream, but the training and brainwashing capabilities of the private tutors. IF that is the objective of the education system, then what’s the rationale behind having expensive state funded schooling?

And unfair incentive, or rather conditionality that was in place during my A/Ls, (which I assume is still there), is the need to have 80% attendance, as a prerequisite to face the Advanced Level examination.

And then for those who want to study but can’t afford it, another form of action should be taken either in the form of vocational training, or student loans. I’ve elaborated why free education pretty much sucks on an earlier post on my own blog.

Another factor that I want to bring in, is the level of involvement from the side of the teachers.

I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder when I was 22. Something that my teachers should have been trained to identify during my primary years. Instead, punishment, extra home work, detention, and even cruel words were used, where the carrot approach was never even attempted.

The systematic overhaul of the education system should not only focus on the issues of curriculum and delivery methodology, but more importantly on how to make students excel with the talents they have.

Some are not disabled. Some are super abled.

— Dinidu de Alwis

Dinidu is a BB-ite, blogger, and many other things. Less said about his other activities, the better it is for him and the rest of the world.


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