Want a Revolution?


Well you’ve got time ’til 17th of September!

We believe that it is time youth had a say in how society is run. If you have big ideas (the more unconventional the better) and don’t have a platform from which you can launch them; then Beyond Borders is right up your alley.

We are currently looking for people to join our core-group. As a Core- group member you will be involved in making the decisions that will determine the direction of Beyond Borders and will decide the nature of the projects we do. You will also get opportunities to organize and lead project teams and also to pursue work you may be passionate about, along with the rest of us.

To join you have to be withing the ages of 16 and 24 and ready to put that passion and enthusiasm to good use! Also you will need to;

1. Email us to recruitments@beyondborders.lk a brief description of yourself, including your name (obviously), contact details, educational background, extra curricular activities (tell us what you did, not the groups you were a member of) and if you’ve worked anywhere, details of that. Keep the description to a maximum of 300 words.

2. Write 300 words on something you are extremely passionate about, or something you want to work on in your life. This is not a test of your writing skills; we just need to make sure that you will enjoy getting involved with BB. If you have an idea, but no idea how to implement it, you can write about that and we might provide you the platform to do so.

Beyond borders is a youth led, youth run voluntary organization engaged in social activism and a push for change. Our focus is on a wide array of issues ranging from identity, diversity to active global citizenship. We work through various media; organizing training sessions both outbound and inbound, hosting seminars and discussions, roadshows and forum theater among many others.

Visit out website www.beyondborders.lk for more stuff!


About AHAzeez

to err is human, to keep erring under the false impression that it makes you even more human is criminal.

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  1. Brilliant post. I’ve seen various articles like this, but this one particular had some good newer examples including a great set with writing skills. Greatest rules line-height as well as the pixel perfect broken relationships are must haves. top notch

  2. Good post, I just IM’d the link to a colleague who was doing a little research on this. Thanks again.

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