Now in the Pipeline – Some quick updates

To Spark A Revolution

The long process of looking for people over, we have almost finalized the list of new Core Group Mmembers. To all who applied and attended the interviews; we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

And if you couldn’t get in, don’t worry, you can still be part of the Beyond Borders experience and work with us towards our causes in a voluntary capacity.

Volunteer with BB

Volunteering will give you more time to get more hands on experience in BB without too much vested accountability. A great way to help us and you decide if you are ready to join the Core Group at a later date if you should so wish. And also a great way for you to get involved with our projects, should any appeal to you in particular.

Anyone can volunteer, Just e-mail us at info@beyondborders with your deets and we’ll get in touch.

New Projects

We’ve got an environment project coming along soon (our first full on environment venture in a long time) so we’re all pretty excited. Watch this space for more.

Jerk? will be staged again to an audience of students and teachers and the cast is hitting practice mode. We are looking forward to a different set of audience responses this time around, hopefully we’ll get them. Also look out for a review of Jerk? on the next issue of Chokolaate.

On the topic of new projects, if you’ve got an interesting idea but have no platform to launch it from, we can step in and help you see it through. But the project needs to be in line with our basic vision and mission; check our ‘about’ section for more on what we do. If you think we sync, let us know!


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