Act Now for the Environment


Beyond Borders presents Project Act. Our green initiative. The poster says it all really. Be sure to subscribe to our official blogspace and twitter feed. Project Act will take off this 24th at Wellawatte Beach at 8.30 a.m. timed to coincide with the International Day of Climate Action, and will go on until March 2010.

Our vision is to green up lifestyles, and to that end we will primarily focus on waste management in terms of advocacy, training and also direct facilitation.

Join us this 24th to show your support for climate action. You can also stick with us till March to help us execute what we hope will be a successful turn around in attitudes in relation to waste management systems in Sri Lanka. To learn more and to find how you can join with us as a strategic partner please call the Actline 0773041438 now.

Project Act is funded by a grant from the US Department of State and our media sponsors include The Sunday Times, ETV and The Colombo Spirit. Technical support is provided by the Environmental Program of the Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (GTE) Ltd (CHA). The Rotaract and Interact movements, the Sri Lankan Youth Climate Action Network and the International Climate Champions (ICC) for Sri Lanka (part of the British Council) are also partnering with Beyond Borders in this venture. 

Beyond Borders is a youth led youth run not-for-profit organization formerly part of the British Council.


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  1. jillinthebox90

    It’s good someone decided to voice out =) Thumbs up BB-ites!

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