New Blood

Being new to Beyond Borders (BB) is something that has grown to be a little old now. As a teenager, I’ve always dreamt of goals I would want to achieve someday and thought long and hard on areas that I’ve always been passionate about. I’ve dreamt big and thought small. That is of course until I joined Beyond Borders.

Truly it has been a place where dreams turn to reality and NO I am not promoting BB! I refer to the launch of Project Act – the environment (an area that i’ve been seriously concerned about towards my late teen years which are sadly coming to an end!) initiative taken up by BB. Being a part of such an initiative with equally enthusiastic individuals who are of the same age group makes being an environmentalist all the better.

Though I was not a part of the initial gathering of recruits and older core–group members (as I overslept!) the atmosphere that was created by the others could only be summed up as warm and welcoming. Though our opinions on things largely vary – after all, we all have the right to our own opinions – being a youth led organization helps very much in creating an informal yet serious (when necessary) environment.

And this was something quite new to me as the other organizations I am a part of carry with them the conventional attitude of ‘elders know best’. Not that they don’t, but at times it wouldn’t hurt to listen to someone your kid’s age; most youth of today is not as ignorant as older generations seem to think!

As i was saying, it was completely different with BB. Though at my first meeting I honestly did feel a little ‘small’, during the next few meetings (I think!) I caught up pretty well. The Beyond Borders environment very much made me feel comfortable in my own shoes. Being a part of BB for about a month – it feels like more! – has taken me places literally and metaphorically. I’ve learnt so much, met so many people and had so much fun while stressing myself out at the same time. I’ve also being inspired by most of the other BB-ites – no I’m not mentioning names! – who seem to manage so many other things alongside BB.

All this of course, has led me to do small scale advertising of the organization to get my friends interested. It works especially when I emphasize on the fact that we all get to voice out on what we are passionate about and get to work at making a change in places necessary. In reality, the direct impact of our actions may be comparatively small. But knowing that it could trigger a bigger change later on makes the effort all the more worth it. Personally, I know for sure that no matter where I am, not only would BB go down in my scrap book but also on the list of things I am so damn – am I allowed to swear? – glad I was a part of.

Senashia Ekanayake

Senashia is a core group member of Beyond Borders and is generally known to be a ruthlessly efficient bubbly character who is a pedant when it comes to manners. She is not allowed to swear. Her opinions are her own.


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to err is human, to keep erring under the false impression that it makes you even more human is criminal.

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  1. well said seni especially the last paragraph..well done!! ^_^

  2. jillinthebox90

    Haha 😀 Please do note that the intro was done by Halik and not ME!! *sigh* So much for a pseudonym! 😛

  3. I’d love to read more about this

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