The Northern Displaced Muslims

As a part of a continuing Peace and Governance project. We will be paying a visit to Puttlam soon to have a chat with some youth from the Northern Displaced Muslim communities.

These IDPs are Muslims who were purged from the North by the LTTE during the early 90’s. As a result of their attempts at integration with the local communities of the areas they have settled in, many conflicts have arisen between the would be hosts and the IDPs over the intervening years. Now the end of the war poses new questions that must be answered and opens up the whole landscape to fresh possibilities.

This is a video of Dr. Farzana Haniffa talking about the post war implications to this particular group of war affected people to YA TV.

The aim of Beyond Borders’ Peace and Governance initiative is to create awareness and interest among young people on the importance of addressing governance related issues. We are currently carrying out some qualitative research engaging various segments of youth in conversation. More on the PnG project soon.

If you are a young person interested in governance and governance related issues and would like a platform to engage in activism in this regard you can join up as a volunteer; e-mail us at If you are a professional or an academic interested in assisting us pursue our goals effectively please do also get in touch or leave a comment. We are open to all the help and advice we can get.

Watch this space for more on our findings and activities.


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