Casting It

We are just three weeks away from that crucial day of voting and a friend of mine asks the question; “why should I vote in this election”. I thought I knew the answer to it, before she actually said it, I thought that voting is the right that we exercise to elect the representatives we see fit to run the state. But in the context of this upcoming election, I just couldn’t give her that answer, as if something inside was stopping me.

So I thought about it for a while and asked myself the question but still, found no answer. So I tuned into the news hoping to gain some insight only to find what seemed like a ‘mud-slinging’ duel between the two main factions. Many months ago I did the same thing when I came across an online poll pertaining to the US presidential election. All i had to do was tune into a news channel and watch the two main candidates debating each other on the policies they each were going to implement  if elected. After a while, it was clear which candidate provided the better solution thereby allowing the citizens to make an informed decision when casting the vote.

Coming back to our election, is it possible to actually gauge the future plans of the candidates by tapping into the local media. The answer is NO! all that happens here is the exchange of insults and the accusations about past deeds, rather than a discussion on policies and reforms. So how really am I to decide on who to vote if neither of the candidates give me a reason to vote for them. Am I to vote for the candidate with the less shadier past? or the one who is better at rebutting insults hurled at him? So after hours of thinking, the question still stands for this election; why should I vote?

Lasantha David

Lasantha is somewhat obsessed with matching clothes and has a style that is, to say the least, unique among the Core Group. He sometimes blogs here. His opinions are his own.


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  1. matching clothes? TMI!! 😛

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