From racist sentiments to power group mentalities to ethics to corruption, elected covers it all. The latest Beyond Borders Forum Theater production is finally here . ‘Elected’, revolves around a student body election and its main theme is racism. The story follows the campaigns of the two candidates, one from a minority and the other, a majority, as they work towards victory, both on the promise of improving the facilities of the university. But when the going gets tough for one, things start to get ugly and at the end of it, something’s got to give. Be there to find out!

For those who do not know about forum theater, it is a medium, where drama is used to portray critical social issues. It is also known as the ‘theater of the oppressed’ and usually ends in a bad way.  The unique feature of it is that the audience is allowed to engage in the proceedings of the play in a sensible way and make changes that improve the outcome. It promises to be entertaining and educational at the same time. Entrance is free but you will have to register at http://beyondborders.lk/ft/.


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