Answering the Revolution

Wanting to blog more is something I keep telling myself everyday like an incessantly chanted prayer. Like most things in life, I never get around to do so. Anyhow, one of the key things that prompted me to blog for Beyond Borders once more, was ‘Revolution Calling’. This indeed did arouse a considerable amount of nostalgia within me.

September 2009. Just after my A/Ls, bored to death at home after playing Travian, Empire-something and a countless number of games online. Barn Buddy was my new best friend. I cannot recall as to where, but it was during that time that I saw the BB poster claiming that they were recruiting volunteers. I did some casual research on the Organisation, I had occasionally heard the name previously though I could not place it. Just for the heck of it, I applied and they responded and I was call for an interview. Mama took me to the interview, (she didn’t mind as long as I’d be kept occupied 🙂 ) which I believe was held on Saturday (yes it was, I was going to get Sims 3 then 😀 ) and the place, the now-long-gone Infoshare which we had some trouble finding. After the interview, Mama who was waiting outside in the car told me that I had laughed too hard and too loud. Oops. Mistake number one? Little did I know after that it was only Sachith, Hanim and Shehan and that I needn’t be worried of them. LoL.

The little time I was a part of Beyond Borders, I was exposed to a great deal. And no I am not exaggerating. It was only then that I realised that there were so many things that I was unaware of. Though my awareness of my general unawareness was acknowledged, the well-informed personas that I saw in BB left me awestricken. To this date, I am astonished by the fact that they are capable of multi-tasking to its truest sense. They work, they study, they are a part of BB and at times even other organisations, they are blog-whores *wink* and they are brilliantly street smart (and occasionally book smart I suppose. Tsk-tsk).

Sad as it may sound, I was only able to watch them and not learn their multi-tasking abilities. I started working in November 2009. Initially I used to juggle BB meetings and press conferences just fine. However, as I grew more attached to my job, my editor’s dislike for youth activism increased, thereby keeping me at work for longer and not allowing me to go for meetings. Eventually, work was the only thing that existed in my world. I was hardly at home. Mama’s and my key mode of communication was sunk to e-mails, text messages, IMs and phone calls. BB was what I occasionally read through the group mail.

My work, is something I would never regret in life. However, the extent to which it engulfed me and shut me out from what’s happening around me; making me a mere observer and commentator is something I do wish that didn’t happen.

August 2010. Residing in Bangalore now, I begin to realise how much I miss BB. New projects are coming up. A new FT might be brewing somewhere in the minds of those jokers 🙂 Having joined the only NGO-like activity in University, I find it incomparable to BB.

I believe that what makes BB awesome is the fact that it is entirely youth-led and youth-run. This allows the free flow of thought from young people, which I think is restricted almost all the time, everywhere. Over here, despite the ideas been formulated by ‘young people’ unless approved by an individual who is not considered ‘young’ it is not executed. Sigh. So much for keeping the faith in ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’.

Beyond Borders truly is a platform for young people to express their ideas. For those of whom who are passionate about something, or even for those of whom who are bored and are at home doing absolutely nothing, by all means join BB. Coming from me, an individual who was ‘properly’ a part of BB for only a few months, believe me it is truly amazing. All of a sudden you discover a dimension to you that you failed to realise that existed. You begin to explore new ideas. For the fairly ignorant sort like myself, you suddenly find yourself interested in what’s happening beneath your own safe sphere of things.

Answer the revolution. You won’t regret it.

Senashia Ekanayake is the most eccentric of the BBites and also, the most efficient when it comes to getting something done. She is currently on leave, pursuing her degree in Psychology. Her views are her own. More of Seni’s work, can be found here.


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  1. its a good site for all
    in this all for new and old
    for young and for old

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