U Can Haz Constitution.lk

We have just launched a website about the constitution. Now stop that yawn and go check it out, because we’ve tried to convert the heavy worded constitution of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka to something more well, readable.

The project is a part of Beyond Borders’ Peace and Governance initiative. The site will have Sinhala and Tamil versions soon. In the meanwhile we would really like to hear what you think about the English version that is already up.

Why we did it

If you haven’t already rushed off to check out our shiny new website then let us tell you why we thought of doing it. Beyond Borders Peace and Governance from the outset had the primary goal of combating  youth apathy towards governance issues. Our research indicated that a lot of youth simply don’t bother with getting to know the fundamentals of our governance structure unless forced to by way of academics or threat of assault by blunt metal object.

One of the many reasons for this, we discovered, was the unavailability of youth friendly information sources. A lot of young people feel marginalized by our system. Others feel used by the powers that be. So the website idea came about as a humble effort by us to provide a young person friendly version of the constitution.

There, that’s the short answer. The long answer is too long to type, but this is the general gist of it. Remember to leave a comment about the site. Bouquets and brickbats equally appreciated.


About AHAzeez

to err is human, to keep erring under the false impression that it makes you even more human is criminal.

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  1. THX,
    It is the first time I am seeing this, all in one place. I have read bits and pieces before.

  2. Good Work.. But it seems that link to download the constitution doesn’t appear to be working.. some error comes up.. please check it..


  3. very valuable effort. thumbs up!
    (please fix the browser compatibility issues of the site. In Internet Explorer, the site is little messed up and lost decorations.)

  4. Sri Lanka is the most beautiful country in the world. It would be perfect if we had some honest leaders!

  5. Hey guys
    Thanks for your valuable input… the site will keep changing.. (new additions etc…) and watch out for the Sinhala and Tamil versions.

    Please tell your friends and keep checking!

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