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Our latest Forum Theater production will appear on November 2 at the Bishops College auditorium.

Forum theater is about audience interaction and expression. The play generally consists of five short scenes that last about 20 minutes. The audience is allowed to absorb the story in the first run and then the play is repeated; except this time the audience has the freedom to stop it at any point and attempt to redirect its course.

Normally the play focuses on a relevant social issue. The thespians’ last three productions tackled racism, disability and censorship, this time around the topic will be ‘Patriotism’. The play is rather straightforwardly titled ‘Patriot’.

It is however, anything but straightforward. The protagonist, David, is an adman who has to face tremendous opposition from the powers that be and his loved ones alike as he tries to stay a moral course that is compatible with his beliefs as well as capable of supporting his family.

He is caught in a dilemma when a promotional campaign for what he considers to be questionable government propaganda is thrust upon him by his boss. The consequences of his decisions are far reaching. And David is ultimately forced to find out just how far he is willing to go to stand by his beliefs.

The play is darker and more abstract that Beyond Borders’ previous attempts. Our last effort, Elected based on racism, drew record crowds.

The play starts at 6 p.m. Come with your acting juices flowing for maximum satisfaction. Entrance is strictly based on invites and there are still a few left. Call 0777 491718 to grab em.

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  1. Chmalee Ahangama

    David is finding difficult in dealing with the situation of being appointed by his Boss Nithu for a project of a Minister. The minister’s (government representation) interpretation of Patriotism is distinct from the interpretation what David has.

    David has no choice to say “NO” for his boss because he needs the job. David being winning an award recently feels a responsibility towards living up to those external expectations too. David as a prominent figure in the industry has a chance of being black listed if he goes beyond borders. Then he is also a son of a late General. He finds it difficult to go against the values passed on to him by his father.

    David seeks a solution from his wife (Sharon), Mentor (Shehan) and friend (Jeff). He wanted to express his feelings. Talk about it. But nobody was ready to hear it out. Everybody has their concerns.

    This is where David should have gone to a Counselor. A counselor is a non-judgmental person, who would treat the client with unconditional positive regard and have genuine respect towards the client’s values and beliefs. A counselor would facilitate empathetically to a person to explore his or her own feelings, thoughts and ideas. Because the person him/herself is the best person who knows about what he wants and his capabilities of achieving or fulfilling those needs. A counselor would provide appropriate interventions based on an appropriate technique when necessary.

    Counseling may not change the others or the situation of the country. But the most important thing is the individual (David) to understand his purpose of life and reach self-actualization with an eased mind without getting into disputes with others (wife, mother-in-law, employers, friends and any other party) in the same set of environment.

    In my view as a counselor; it is impossible to change the external world. What is best is to change the individual’s set of thoughts to the best interest of him/herself and smoothly get through situations. For this either you could train some coping or easily seek professional assistance of a counselor.

    ** However, even if David really needs to raise a voice against the government, counseling would help him to put his thoughts together and orient him for a set goal. As I said earlier, counseling is to facilitate a person to achieve his/her success goals (a state of self-actualization) by moral/legal means or by accepted norms.

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