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What is Beyond Borders ?

Beyond Borders is a voluntary, youth-led, youth-run initiative active in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and (formerly) in Pakistan & the UK.

Based on the working themes of Identity, Diversity and Active Global Citizenship, Beyond Borders provides a space for young people to actively express themselves and take action on development issues affecting them. Currently the group is working on issues related to peace, governance, citizenship and sustainable development.

A Brief History

Beyond Borders was started by the British Council as a learning and networking project in 2004 in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the UK. in each of these countries core groups made up of young people engaged in action projects based on the themes of Identity, Diversity and Active Global Citizenship

The Beyond Borders project aimed to bring learning, understanding and mutual respect, primarily through the work of these young and a series of annual ‘country festivals’ which brought together representatives from each of the BB countries for a knowledge-sharing and cultural exchange exercise.

Beyond Borders Sri Lanka

Since August 2005, when Beyond Borders core group was established, BB in Sri Lanka have been engaged in action projects related to peace and governance issues, citizenship, sexual health education and sustainable development issues through organizing workshops, seminars, open forums, and the use of forum theatre.

Previously we have conducted projects on citizenship education for children in underprivileged communities, a training of trainers programme for young school leaders on sexual health education and HIV/AIDS. In April 2006 we hosted an international youth festival attended by about 1000 young people in Sri Lanka and partner countries.

At present we have channeled our energies into several projects primarily on peace and governance issues including focusing on the ethnic conflict, and citizenship education and experimenting with alternative media such as forum theatre.

Please read ‘what we do’ section for more detailed information.

From March 2007 onwards, since the decommissioning of the project by the British council, BB Sri Lanka has enjoyed the status of a supported project of the British Council office in Colombo.

To contact us please drop as an email to info [at] beyondborders.lk or see our ‘contact us’ page for more detailed information.

New Media.

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