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Shutterbugs; Behold!

A week long treat for photo-enthusiasts is brought to you by Rotaract Club of Panadura. Rotaract Shutterbug has a line up of fascinating sessions ranging from photojournalism (which will be held today), followed by a session on new media tomorrow and an exhibition of photographs from November 03 to 05. Be sure to call them up and register ahead if you’re interested in attending a session.

For more information visit their website-


What we are singing for the Open Mic

Bloggers and Colombo creative-types are doing this Open Mic thing today.  Some of us will be there.  Here’s  a glimpse of our contribution for the evening..

Kiddin.. but We will be there. You should too. More info about the whole thing is found on Indi’s blog.

Playing for Change

Playing for Change is apparently a movement to connect the world through music. With songs like this,  they just might archive that goal. We found this inspiring, a cross country musical collaboration done at the grassroots. Enjoy.

No wonder the PFC Youtube channel is the most viewed non-profit on youtube this week.  There’s more songs at the channel page.

Beyond Borders Sri Lanka, Launched!

After more than three years of being in existance — first as a project of the British Council, then as an informal youth collective, Beyond Borders Sri Lanka finally decided to form into a not-for-profit organization recently. To celebrate our little achivement, we had a little get together with BB-ites and our supporters.  We thank everyone again for being there with us in the journey, so far..

Pics on Flickr. BB is a space for young people to work on development issues, if you like what we do, get involved. We are also on Facebook.

Towards Democracy, Peace and Open Borders – South Asia Youth Summit


The Liberal Youth of South Asia (LYSA) organized the first South Asia Youth Summit in New Delhi on 24th and 25th November, 2008 providing a platform for 100 youth representatives across South Asia to discuss and debate various issues confronting the region from a liberal perspective.

“We believe that we can set an example for our political leaders about cooperation and the benefits of joining hands in overcoming barriers…. we envision a peaceful, democratic and open region…” reads the declaration at the end of the youth summit, which was hosted by Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) and supported by the Friedrich-Naumann-Siftung für die Freiheit. The delegates identified lack of appropriate governance as the central issue behind all the problems facing the region.

The participants discussed upon issues like Youth and Politics, Youth Participation in Development, Market Economy and South Asian Free Trade Zone, Quality Education for All: Choice & Competition, State and Democracy and Human Rights in South Asia. 

The discussions carried out by the youth across the sessions mainly focused upon the major global and local developments which compel the youth to take a particular note of the policies that need to be changed and what implications these changes have for the future of youth. 

The culmination of the two day summit took place at India Gate where participants formed a youth chain and lit candles in solidarity with each other to fight against terrorism and spread the message of peace. And there began the “drafting of a new South Asia.”

Represented from Beyond Borders groups in Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh were invited for the summit. Sri Lanka was also represented by the Liberal Youth Guild. 

The text was adapted from the official LYSA summit Blog.  For more pictures, visit our Flickr.


Through the looking glass, I heard music, saw laughter and color pass by.. Life is a whirlwind of joyous moments. Then, I opened my eyes…

BB India presents.. Conversations

Yamuna Yatra 2008 – Call for Applications



Swechha-We for Change Foundation is a Non-profit organisation based in New Delhi, Working on issues related to environment education, life skills, youth activism and active citizenship. Swechha started with the “We for Yamuna” campaign in 2000 which aimed at attracting the attention of the government and other stakeholders towards the pitiable state of the River Yamuna in Delhi. Soon this campaign emerged as one of the most powerful voices on Yamuna.

Swechha  have conceptualized a unique programme called “Yamuna Yatra” which is a 12 day journey tracing the origin of the River in the Himalayas to Agra, the city that houses the Taj Mahal next to the Yamuna. The idea is to witness the transformation of the river from being pure and pristine to a sewage as it flows through the cities.
Yamuna Yatra 2008 will be held from 19-30 March 2008 and for the first time they have its open for people from all walks of life and have invited a San Francisco based circus troupe – Dreamtime Circus, to travel with the participants and conduct workshops during the journey. The journey is not merely about ecology, as people often think when they hear the term “environment” Swechha has a broad-based approach which holds that when we say “environment” what we really mean is “human environment” Swechha recognizes that environmental issues don’t exist in a void, and to address them effectively other issues such as development, conflict and religion must be addressed. The idea is to envision environment as ‘right here’ around us, rather than ‘out there’.

Yamuna Yatra is a wonderful reflective journey, starting right at the birth of yamuna in the snowy Himalayas down to the historic Agra, following the river down its course. Yatra will put you in contact with the rich Indian culture and all the great Indian Religions – Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. You will get to see – really see – the nexus between development, culture and environment and you’ll have great fun through it all.

Several BBites took the Youth Yatra last year, and we’d highly recommend it. More info on our journey can be found here. Pictures are on the Yatra site, A video clip can be found here.

For more details on Yamuna Yatra and how to apply, download the concept note and the application form.

International Youth Partnerships


Oxfam international youth partnerships (OIYP) works with 300 young people in more than 100 countries to build capacity and create opportunities for them act as facilitators for change.

The kaleidoscope event recently concluded in Sydney brought together these 300 ‘Action Partners’ for a knowledge-sharing and skills building program as the inaugurating the new cycle of action starting from 2007 to 2010.

The event consisted of discussions based on thematic areas such as peace, conflict, HIV/AIDS, economic issues, etc. and also skills oriented sessions, which may be useful on the ground such as ‘facilitation skills’, ‘grant proposal writing’, etc. Kaleidoscope also gave opportunity for young people to network, to present their culture and to express themselves in art, music and dance.

The OIYP network would continue to support these action partners through supporting their work through a small grants programme and capacity building opportunities. A few people from Beyond Borders have been selected as Action Partners for OIYP.

For more on Kaleidoscope and please the OIYP website. A few pictures about kaleidoscope can be found on the OIYP flickr, as well as ours.

Dil Se Dil : A Concert on the Border


On the night of August 14th, history will be made as the people from Pakistan and India come together to jointly celebrate 60 Years of Independence.

For the first time ever, permission has been granted by both governments to allow this extraordinary coming together of hearts.

Dil se Dil, which means Heart-to-Heart, is not just a name. It is an idea whose time has come. Many of our worlds problems result from the biases and prejudices that take hold in the absence of real contact and communication.

This extraordinary event – which will be broadcast to a quarter of the world’s population – will help to shed light on the core humanity we all share, regardless of our differences.
Not only is this a momentous event in the history of India and Pakistan – the first time the people of these countries will celebrate their independence together – but it offers the world a model for how to deal with our differences – kid-to-kid, people-to-people, heart-to-heart, this commemoration will entail a single, unifying concert event, the performances will originate from twin stages, one in India and one in Pakistan, on either side of the Attari/Wagah border. Live performances will alternate from one stage to the other, visible to the entire live audience, no matter on which side of the border they are sitting.
This two-stage-one-concert approach, with its innovative utilization of advanced telecommunications, sound engineering, and broadcast technology is as symbolic as it is practical. It represents the younger generation doing exactly what they do best: harnessing technology to create community and to overcome distance, physical barriers, and outmoded thinking.

– From the Dil Se Dil Web site

The concert will be organized by Friends Without Borders in conjunction with Routes to Roots and will feature stars such as AR Rahaman, Atif Aslam, Shafaat Amanath Ali, Kailash Kher, Shah Rukh Khan, Wasim Akram, Juhi Chawla, and Shaiyanne Malik.

Beyond Borders wishes FWB, routes to roots all the best in organizing this event.


BB Bangladesh in Motion

The Documentary for Beyond Borders Bangladesh. focusing on the action projects for street kids, Urdu-speaking people of the Geneva Camp and the campaign for ‘active citizenship. See Video [embedded below]

Timeline : Early 2006.

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