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Sunila Abeysekera on One Billion Rising

Sri Lanka needs to rise. The injustice is too deeply set– it’s time we snapped out of the apathy and made some noise.

Investigations of the Wijerama gang rape victim is against the victim. Yes, you read that right. It was reported that the police suspect she’s a sex-worker and so her claim of being raped has got to be false. Yes, that’s the logic of those who have been appointed to protect us. Where’s the justice for women? Double that with ineffective laws to protect women, and you’d see that women in Sri Lanka are not safe.

Sunila Abeysekera spoke to Beyond Borders on why Sri Lanka should join One Billion Rising.

Video- filmed and edited by Megara Tegal in Nepal. 


Jeevika : A south Asian documentary film competition — Call for submissions

A message from Centre for Civil Society, which annually organizes Jeevika, a film festival focusing on livelihood issues.  filmakers and students from all over South Asia are encouraged to participate :

Inviting Documentary filmmakers interested in : FILMS For SOCIAL CHANGE

Zoom in on a mode of living…Give a voice to people’s struggles and triumphs…Defend the basic human right of freedom to livelihood…

Economic Freedom

Capture social -cultural norms, legal – regulatory barriers that prevent people working in the vocation of their choice and send us.


Prizes : Worth Rs. 200,000 INR (more than 4,600 US$)
(Including support for advocacy campaign based on the film)

Apply now: or

Entry Rules:
– Two DVD copies.
– Open to ALL filmmakers (student, amateur & professionals).
– Any language with English subtitles.

Jeevika, a South Asian documentary film festival on the issue of livelihood, is a search for documentaries that focus on legal and regulatory restrictions as well as socio – cultural norms and religious practices that prevent or constrain people from earning an honest livelihood in the vocation of their choice. It is a part of an attempt to bring policies in focus which have not been liberalized and keeping entry level professions under License Raj, thus keeping a nation under imposed poverty. Livelihood is a common issue that touches all other issues including poverty human rights, governance, labour welfare, tribal rights, minority rights, women empowerment, health, globalization, privatization, environment, agriculture, hunger and many more.

For further details please contact:
Mr. Manoj Mathew
Phone: 91.11.2653.7456 (10am-6pm IST)
Log on:

Youth Participation and Democracy in South Asia

Young people in South Asia and in particular Sri Lanka are disillusioned with both mainstream and alternative spaces for political action says K.Guruparan speaking at the International Conference on Youth and Democracy in South Asia in Pune, India.

Guru was presenting a paper on youth participation in decision making and policy making processes using Sri Lanka as a case study. He goes on to say that there is a need to provide access to institutions and to set in place mechanisms through which youth participation, can be ensured. He warns that such institutions should not be tokenistic as if they are, it would be insufficient to address the feeling of alienation by young people. He goes on to argue the unwillingness to accept the concept of youth participation by the “adult political bureaucratic culture” of south Asian democracies is linked with larger problems of democratization in these countries which has resulted in youth unrest and violence which further slows the process of democratization.

A video excerpt from his speech is now available on YouTube (and included below). The complete paper can be downloaded here.