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Cartoon by Bottomline, uploaded by Pebotuwa

Dead men on pitches,
Bullet wounds for scores–
‘Is this the new cricket?’
The gentlemen groaned.

They stopped wearing chest guards,
And switched to bullet proof vests–
They stopped looking at the ball,
In order to drop down just in case–

‘They’ll all be bowled for a duck!’
The fans screamed in the stands–
But the players, didn’t give a fuck,
‘Cos their lives were in the devil’s hands–

When the war came to cricket,
The world stopped and stared–
Not since Munich,
Had someone so dared.

Another war crime painted
Another terrorist escaped
Traces of blame faded
Not one of ’em, could be traced

Oh some of them were captured
And were interrogated in due course
But they never revealed their masters
Not under the worst form of tortures
Because even they didn’t know.

And so the incident passed,
The shock slowly faded,
And soon a movie was made,
That rivalled ‘Machang’ in it’s fame.

Halik Azeez is a Core Group Member of BB, blogs under a pseudonym elsewhere and read this out at the open mic held recently. His views are his own..